At Delving Pest Control, our priority is eliminating your pests. Delving Pest Control offers local affordable revolutionary pest control solutions right to your Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan doorstep. We offer pressure-free, interior, exterior discreet/private pest control services for both residential and commercial properties. We are here for you and your pest control needs, not for a contract. Find the Delving Pest Control program that is right for your NW Ohio or SE Michigan home or business.

Types of Pest Control Programs

One-Time Treatment

If you do not need an ongoing pest and rodent control treatment program, our general pest control program may be just what you need. This one-time treatment consists of an initial treatment, for whatever pests or rodents you need to solve for, with a follow-up inspection.

Depending on the severity of your pest and/or rodent problem, Delving may need to come back every 30 days, until the pest problem has been exterminated. We perform a follow-up inspection to determine if the one-time treatment was a successful solution for your home or business, or if your problem is more serious.

Ongoing Treatments

At Delving Pest Control, we offer ongoing treatment programs to solve for and eliminate any potential pest or rodent issues. We offer these programs on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis. We can tailor the program to whatever is best for you, your home, or your business.

Depending on the environment, we may recommend different ongoing treatment programs to keep your pests and rodents controlled. To ensure we have found a program that is right for your NW Ohio or SE Michigan home or business, we offer a free consultation. This helps us to clearly identify the right program for your pest and rodent control needs.

Where we Offer Pest Control Programs


No one wants unwanted pests or rodents infiltrating the place where they live. At Delving Pest Control, we offer residential pest control programs. As a part of our residential pest control program, homes are inspected and treated for the pests that were previously identified and covered on the specific home’s plan. If additional pest or rodent issues arise, they will be handled on a case by case basis. Some treatments require multiple visits to ensure the pests are gone.


Every type of business needs pest control. No matter the industry, every business is at risk of experiencing a pest infestation. As a business owner, you surely do not want to lose a customer because a mouse, rat, or cockroach runs across their foot. Commercial buildings should have yearly inspections. It is common for commercial buildings to have dead spaces (closets, unused offices, garage bays, storage warehousing, dry goods storage), that are all good places for pests and rodents to hide. With a Delving Pest Control commercial program, commercial buildings are inspected and treated for covered pests (such as: spiders, ants, rats, etc.), according to program details. Keeping pests and rodents out of your business is a key element to your Ohio or Michigan business success.

Bars and Restaurants

Having pest or rodents where people eat, could ruin your business reputation. Delving Pest Control offers pest control programs for bars and restaurants to keep unwanted invaders out. Restaurants and bars are purely controlled environments. They should be inspected on a monthly basis to give attention to any potential threats or current infestations. All restaurants and bars should be on some sort of monthly inspection/pest control program.

Let Our Customers Speak for Us

Delving Pest Control is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We uphold a standard of integrity bound by fairness, honesty, and personal responsibility. Our distinction is the quality of our customer relations and the great service we bring to our customers.

Check out some of the reviews left by our customers:

“I have used Delving Pest Control for my company for the past few months. We use them for ongoing preventative maintenance and those “special” needs cases that require their services. HIGHLY recommend Delving. For most people, pricing is important, and Delving has always been very reasonable with their rates. However, Delving offers much more – such as being highly responsive with clear communication on your issues and status of the situation, offers suggestions and solutions without the awkward sales pressure, and they do have a great crew that not only work “the job” but really provide customer service to everyone-including my customers. Glad I found them!” – Jodi R

“This company is very professional!! Dan came and did an inspection, not only was the car unmarked for privacy which I loved but he made sure to give me plenty of information during the walkthrough. When Chris came to treat our house, he was right on time and very polite. He worked diligently and made sure to answer all my questions and put our minds at ease. They also worked with my budget and that was a huge bonus! I would highly recommend this company.” – Alex B

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Our Process

  • STEP 1. Call us at 419-843-0912.
  • STEP 2. Set up a time we can inspect and give you an estimate.
  • STEP 3. We call when we are on our way. We arrive in an unmarked vehicle with proper identification ready. We will inspect and answer all the questions you have.
  • STEP 4. We provide you with solutions and an estimate.
  • STEP 5. We eliminate your problem!

At Delving Pest Control, we are here to help you with all your pest and rodent needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. We will help you to find the Delving Pest Control program that is right for your NW Ohio or SE Michigan home or business.