So you have a bed bug infestation? It’s not the end of the world. There are non-toxic ways to rid yourself, your Ohio and Michigan home, and your business of the pesky little critters. Getting rid of bed bugs quickly and effectively is always the goal once an infestation has been found. Heat and thermal treatment for bed bug removal is an effective alternative to chemical treatments.

Bed bugs measure just 5 millimeters across and are smaller than a pencil eraser. These bugs are smart, tough, and they reproduce quickly. Bed bugs know where to hide to avoid detection, they can live for months between meals, and a healthy female can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime (Healthline). Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of. Adult bed bugs can go a year without eating and survive on very little air. This along with other genetic factors make bed bugs difficult to eradicate.

There are chemical and non-chemical approaches to eliminate a bed bug infestation in your Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan home or business. Heat and thermal treatment is the best solution in ridding yourself of a bed bug infestation.

Why heat and thermal treatment to eliminate bed bugs? Let’s review some of the benefits.

  • Heat and thermal treatment is 100% eco-friendly and doesn’t leave any residuals.
  • Heat kills all life stages of bed bugs, from egg, to nymph, to adult.
  • Heat and thermal treatment only requires a one treatment visit, and it can generally be accomplished in one day.
    • Other treatments can take multiple visits and an extended period of time, keeping you away from your home or business longer.
  • During a heat and thermal treatment, heat permeates the entire house or business. All of your belongings reach levels of heat that bed bugs can’t survive.
    • Bed bugs may be able to hide from sprays and powders, but they can’t hide from the heat.
  • Studies have shown that bed bugs can become resistant to chemicals and adapt to living in dangerous environments. This can make it a difficult to treat for bed bugs with chemical products where heat is still effective.

Bed bugs find their food (your blood) by sensing your body heat. During the early stages of heat and thermal treatment, bed bugs come out of hiding because the heat tells them food is near. The temperature slowly rises to deadly temperatures causing the bugs to die off.

Heat and thermal treatment for bed bug removal is an effective alternative to chemical treatments in Ohio and Michigan. Not only can this type of treatment be done in a matter of hours, one of its biggest benefits is its ability to kill bed bugs without using harsh chemicals. Because bed bugs feed on your body, most of the treatment will need to happen in your living space or working environment and who wants chemicals where they sleep, eat, and work?

At Delving Pest Control, we can treat both recently discovered and prolonged bed bug infestations. We use heat and thermal treatment for bed bug removal because it is the leading, proven way to rid your home or office space of bed bugs for good.

Delving Pest control is the leading discreet bed bug exterminator in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Our vehicles are unmarked for your privacy.

Contact us today to learn more about heat and thermal treatment for bed bugs and for a free inspection and strategy to help eliminate your bed bug issues.