Are There Mice in my Walls?

Have you been lying in bed, sitting at your desk, or cooking a meal, and heard something strange coming from what appears to be inside of your walls? If you have recently noticed new scratching, screeching, or skittering noises coming from your walls, you may have mice in your walls. How does that happen and why are they there? We are going to review signs that mice are in your walls, why they may be there, and some ways you can keep them out.

What are the Signs I May Have Mice in my Walls?

It doesn’t matter if your Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan home or business is clean or dirty, big or small; if pests and rodents feel like it will make a good shelter for them with food and water, they will take up residence. Not only are these nuisances unwanted visitors in your home or business, mice and other rodents carry diseases and can pose a health risk and multiply quickly, making it especially important to watch for signs of them and remedy an infestation as soon as possible.

Mice don’t want to be seen, just as much as you likely don’t want to see them in your home or business, so they tend to stick to dark and hidden places within a structure, such as within walls. If you have recently noticed rustling or scratching noises in your walls or floors and ceilings, this is the first sign that mice may be there. Keep your eyes peeled for other visible signs, such as: holes and bites in food containers, dark rice looking droppings, unusual smells, anything that resembles a mouse nest (shredded materials built up in areas it shouldn’t be), and actually watch for sightings of these rodents or their tracks.

Why Are Mice in my Walls?

As mentioned above, mice tend to hide in dark places so they can go undetected for long periods of time. If your home or business offers a suitable dwelling for these rodents, they will take advantage of that. Your walls may have easy entry and exit points for mice, making them the perfect place for them to live and survive.

Walls can serve as a tunnel system allowing these little critters to stay concealed when they chose, but granting them access to other areas of your home or business that have the food and water they are seeking.

How Can I Keep Mice Out of my Walls?

To keep mice out of your home or business, including preventing them from moving into your walls, there are some things you can do.

  1. Seal Cracks and Holes: Mice can fit through a crack or hole one-fourth of an inch or larger (about the width of a pencil and/or pen), because of this, it is important to check around your home or business for even the smallest of crevices that are open to the outdoors. Check for holes in window and door screens, gaps around windows and doors, cracks around your foundation, vent seals, and where phone, cable, gas, and electric lines enter into your home or business.
  2. Remove Food Sources: Ensure that all food around your home or business is in sealed containers and not easy for these rodents to get to. This includes pet food. Never leave food out, not even in the trash, and be sure to clean up counters and vacuum or mop up any crumbs, spills, and residue. You should not leave pet food out when your animal is not eating.
  3. Stay Clean and Tidy: Mice love clutter and use it to create their nests. Keep clutter at a minimum and properly store old clothing, bedding, magazines, boxes, etc. Wiping cabinets and counters and mopping and vacuuming floors can help you maintain a mouse free home or business. The smallest smell of food can attract these rodents to do whatever it takes to get into the most seemingly inaccessible places, and providing them with materials to create their nests, will only make them feel more invited.
  4. Clean Up Outdoors: The exterior of your home or business can also welcome these little rodents in. Things like tree limbs that lead to your windows or roof, vines, wood piles near the exterior, and overgrown grass and shrubs can be welcome mats for mice to come inside. Trim foliage near your home or business, and look for any items close to the structure that could give the rodents an easy entry point.

If you suspect you have mice in your walls, call a local pest control professional to help you remedy the problem before the infestation is much larger, serious damage is caused to your home or business, and/or there are health impacts.

Delving Pest Control can help. We offer a range of discreet rodent removal services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Call us and we can come out and we can explain what rodent remediation services are right for you and help you rid your home or business of these scurrying little pests.