Common Winter Pest Misconceptions

With winter upon us in Ohio and Southeast Michigan, the cozy indoors becomes a hideaway for many of us; unfortunately, this sentiment isn’t lost on pests and rodents either. The idea that pests disappear during the colder months is one of the many misconceptions people have about winter pest control. In reality, pests can be a year round problem, and some might even thrive in colder weather. In this article, we’ll debunk some common winter pest myths and shed light on the reality of the situation.

Common Winter Pest Misconceptions

Let us start by saying, we have not come in contact with Bigfoot just yet, but as you can see, there is a vast amount of incorrect information regarding winter pests and rodents. While some of these winter pest misconceptions may seem rather obvious, there are a few of them that may catch you by surprise. Below we review some of the most common myths around pests and rodents in the colder months of the year.

Myth 1: Pests disappear in the winter.
One of the most common misconceptions is that pests magically disappear during the colder months. While it’s true that some insects become less active in chilly temperatures, many pests remain active and can still find ways into your home or business. Certain pests, such as rodents and cockroaches, are especially good at seeking shelter and warmth indoors when the weather turns chilly. Keep in mind, while you may not see ants and termites in the winter months, they may still be causing damage to your property. Also, bed bugs are a problem all year round.

Myth 2: Cold weather kills of all pests and rodents.
As referenced above, while extreme cold can indeed kill off some pests, many have developed mechanisms to survive in harsh conditions, especially those pests that are common in Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Some insects, like ants and termites, burrow deeper into the ground or move into protected areas to escape the cold. Rodents are notorious for finding their way into structures to stay warm. Additionally, certain pests, like bed bugs, are highly resilient and can survive in a wide range of temperatures.

Myth 3: Only dirty homes and businesses attract pests and rodents.
While cleanliness certainly helps in reducing the likelihood of a pest or rodent infestation, pests can invade even the cleanest of homes and businesses. As we have reviewed before, they are attracted to warmth, shelter, and food sources, so regardless how clean your property is, it may still have openings that pests can exploit. Regular maintenance, ensuring food items are put away appropriately, keeping the area clear of moisture and standing water, along with good hygiene practices, remains crucial throughout the year.

Myth 4: DIY pest control is always effective.
The abundance of DIY pest control methods available online might give the impression that tackling pests and rodents is a straightforward task; however, every pest situation is unique, and what works for one infestation might not work for another. Professional pest control services have the experience, knowledge, and resources to address specific pest issues effectively and safely. Not to mention, in most cases, if you see one pest or rodent, there is usually more, and that infestation can grow extremely quickly if not handled appropriately.

Myth 5: You don’t need pest control in winter.
Another common winter pest misconception is that you can pause pest control services during the colder weather. Believing that pest control is unnecessary during the winter months is a grave mistake. In fact, winter is an excellent time to implement preventive measures to keep pests at bay. By addressing potential entry points, sealing cracks, and implementing proper sanitation practices, you can significantly reduce the chances of a pest infestation all year round.

In Conclusion

The idea that winter means relief from pest problems is a myth that can lead to an increased risk of infestations. Just because stinging insects and flies may be around less, doesn’t mean that every pest and rodent is dormant. Understanding the behaviors and survival tactics of pests during the colder months is key to effective pest management. By debunking these common misconceptions, home and business owners can take the necessary steps to protect their property from pests and rodents all year round.

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