Are Bed Bugs Better or Worse in Colder Weather?

When the weather turns colder in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan many pests and rodents seem to just go away. Much like many of us, a lot of these critters don’t like going out in the cold, so they bunker down, and you are less likely to find them wandering around your home or business. While this is true for a lot of these unwanted visitors, it’s not the case for all of them. In fact, some pests and rodents are more common in the fall and winter months. Bed bugs don’t just go away when the cold weather comes, instead, they search for heat and often find it in your Ohio or Michigan home or business. Are bed bugs better or worse in colder weather?

Are Bed Bugs Better or Worse in Colder Weather?

Most people are familiar with bed bugs, the small, oval, wingless insects of the family Cimicidae. They have a flat, reddish-brown body and feed on human and animal blood. Bed bugs are active at night and bite any area of the body with exposed skin. Bed bugs can infest a home or business and hide in crevices or cracks throughout.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are a year-round pest. The outside temperatures don’t really impact them, since they are an indoor pest. Many biting pests such as mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other outside annoyances, go away during the fall and winter because they are directly affected by the cold temperatures outside. Bed bugs live almost exclusively inside where temperatures are warmer. Since the temperatures in a home often feel like spring or summer, bed bugs have no problem being active.

Are bed bugs better or worse in colder weather? The truth is, as noted above, the outside temperatures, don’t really impact them, so they are usually equally as active regardless what season it is. During the winter and holiday season, due to increased travel and kids being back in school, a bed bug infestation can actually be more common than it is during other times in the year.

Bed bugs thrive in clutter; thus, luggage and dirty laundry, children’s rooms, classrooms and libraries, are all hot spots for bed bugs. Schools and day care centers account for about 47% of bed bug infestations. When your children are in school, you have more visitors over, you are on the go more, etc., you could also be inviting bed bugs into your home or business.

Watch for Signs of Bed Bugs All Year Round

Due to their size, and sometimes color, it can be hard to actually see these pests to know that you have a problem. You should watch for signs of bed bugs around your home or business, such as: smelling a sweet musty odor, discovering new small brown or tan streaks on sheets, blankets, and furniture, actually seeing them, or finding yourself or others in the space with unexplained bites or itchy rashes.

Bed bugs tend to hide in clothing, furniture, carpet, bedding, luggage, and more. If there is a crevice, they will find it and take up residence.

Because bed bugs are not really better or worse in colder weather, this fall and winter, if you think they you may have bed bugs in your home or business, you should call in an expert right away. Bed bug pest control is the best way to eliminate your problem and ensure each and every bed bug is gone. Bed bugs are not a pest you want to try an at-home treatment on yourself.

Delving Pest Control offers discreet pest control in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We get rid of your nasty bed bugs by using a safe and effective solution to exterminate them, thermal treatment. Delving Pest Control treats your infected home with heat and it eliminates bed bugs from beds, walls, floors, furniture, and bedding.

We are able to provide discreet bed bug remediation in residential or commercial settings where bed bugs infestations have occurred. Call us immediately to end your bed bug nightmare.