Common Pest Control Myths

When it comes to pest control, as with all things, there is a lot of false information and beliefs out there. Some of these stories and ideas are extremely farfetched and outrageous, while others are much more believable. A myth is a widely held false belief or idea. We are going to review some common pest control myths.

What are Some Common Pest Control Myths?

Being familiar with common pest control myths, can help you prevent a pest or rodent infestation in your Northwest Ohio home or business. Pests and rodents can spread disease, so it’s important to know how to identify an infestation and eradicate the threat.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite pest control myths.

  • A clean home or business means you won’t have pests or rodents. When pests and rodents come inside, they aren’t looking for dirt and grim. They are looking for three things: food, water, and shelter, and those can be found in both dirty and clean houses and businesses. In reality, even the most spick and span spaces can fall victim to invasion by unwanted critters.
  • Cheese attracts mice. While it makes for good television, cheese is actually not a mouse’s favorite food. Mice will eat just about everything; however, tests have shown, that mice actually prefer sweeter foods that are high in carbohydrates. Mice would truly like something more like peanut butter, candy, honey, or dried fruit.
  • Pets will keep away the pests. In reality, having pets can actually attract more pests to your home and business, because they can bring in fleas and other unwanted bugs, and their left over food and water can attract hungry critters. Also, domesticated pets are unmotivated to hunt out pests and rodents as a food source, since they are well nourished and taken care of.
  • Termites can’t damage a home or business with a concrete or brick slab. While termites do not eat concrete or brick, structures with concrete or brick slabs are not immune from termite problems. The structure behind your concrete slab and the brick exterior is made of wood. Termites have no trouble making their way over the brick and concrete and into the wood, which can cause significant damage.
  • Bed bugs only come out in the dark. According to the EPA, bed bugs do prefer darkness, but keeping lights on won’t stop them from biting you. One of the common myths surrounding these little dreaded critters is that they come out only in the dark, so if you keep a space bright and well lit, you won’t be bitten, unfortunately, that is not true.
  • Pests and rodents will go away on their own. While we all wish this myth was true, it regrettably is not. If you have signs of bed bugs, or other pests and rodents, in your home or businesses, they have likely settled in for the long haul. These critters took up residence within your home or business for a reason and will not want to leave. Also, many of them reproduce rapidly and an infestation can grow extremely quickly. Keep in mind, most infestations are well established before they are noticed and/or any damage is detected.

Knowing some of the common pest control myths can help you to prevent an infestation in your home or business. The best ways to prevent pests and rodents is with a pest control program. If you find yourself with these unwanted visitors, Delving Pest Control is here.

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