Why Your Home is Attractive to Pests in the Summer Months

We know that pests and rodents are attracted to our homes in the fall, winter, and spring, so why should summer be any exception? While the warmer months of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan bring a new slew of critters to protect our homes from, there are still many of these unwanted creatures that want to call our homes, “home”, just as much as we do. In the colder months of the year, pests and rodents find their ways inside for food, water, and shelter from the elements, but with the weather warmer, what brings them in? We are going to review why your home is attractive to pests in the summer months.

Common Indoor Pests of Summer in Ohio and Michigan

As we have reviewed before, flying insects can really be a problem outdoors in the summer months, but what are the most common indoor pests?

In the summer months, your home is attractive to many pests, mainly: ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, fleas, mice and other rodents, spiders, termites, and the occasional stinging insect. Pests and rodents are creative, and if they want to come inside your home, they will find a way, it doesn’t matter what season it is.

Why Your Home is Attractive to Pests in the Summer Months

Pest are very active during the summer months. Like the rest of us, when we feel the warm air and longer days start to set in, we want to be out and about much more often. Pests and rodents are the same. Below we take a deeper look at why your home is attractive to pests in the summer months.

  • Moisture: One of the main reasons pests find their way inside during the warmer months of the year, is that, with the warmth, comes humidity and more moisture. Pests and rodents thrive in moist environments and seek water for their survival. Keep in mind, some months of the summer lack frequent precipitation, and if your home has water and moisture from the humidity or other sources, pests will move inside to get the water they need.
  • Food Sources: The summer months typically bring a lot more of activity throughout our homes, as kids are home from school, we are hosting more events, etc. This means an abundance of additional food sources for pests. Pests and rodents will sniff out even the smallest crumb and find a way to get to it.
  • Temperature: Pests, like most of us, when the temperatures are pleasant, we like to be active and moving, so in the summer, there is an increase in pest activity. Also, like most of us, when the temperatures get too extreme, we find our ways indoors to seek air conditioning and a relief from the heat, so do pests. Your cool and refreshing home is one of the main reasons your home is attractive to pests in the summer months.
  • Longer Days: The increase in the hours of daylight throughout the summer months gives pests more time to be active and feed. Again, very similar to us, pests use the additional hours of sun to move around and do things, giving them more time throughout the day to find their way into our homes.

Let’s Face it… Pests are Attracted to Our Homes and Businesses Throughout Every Season of the Year

Your home is your space, and while your home is attractive to pests in the summer months and all year round, you can prevent them from coming inside. At Delving Pest Control we can help with your pest control in NW Ohio and SE Michigan. We are experts at preventing and eliminating pests like spiders, bees, wasps, hornets, moths, flies, ants, fleas, roaches, Sasquatch, occasional invaders, and more.

To help prevent pests in or around your home or place of business, Delving Pest Control offers ongoing treatment programs. Each plan is tailored to specific needs that can be bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

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