Plants that Attract Pests and Rodents the Most

While greenery and plants, both indoors and outside, have many benefits, and are often used to enhance a home’s curb appeal and interior design, they may be drawing in the pests and rodents that you are trying to keep out and away from your home. In reality, any time you give these crafty critters a place to hide, you are putting your home at more risk for them; however, there are some plants that are more attractive to them. What plants attract pests and rodents the most? In this article, we are going to answer this question and review summer pests and rodents that are common in our area.

Understanding Local Summer Pests and Rodents

As we have reviewed before, the summer creates a whole new group of pests and rodents that you need to fend against both in your home and the surrounding area. If you have plants that attract these pests and rodents, you aren’t helping your cause very much and could be making your space more appealing to them.

Some of the most active Ohio and Michigan summer pests are:

Like us, when the weather becomes warmer, the pests and rodents above, tend to want to move around and explore more, and if they find your home or yard satisfactory, they will move right in.

Pests are attracted to your home in the summer months for many reasons: moisture, food sources, temperature, longer days, and more, but all of that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have a pest or rodent problem. Just like you can keep pests away by keeping things clean and food sealed, you can do the same by keeping away plants that attract pests and rodents the most. So, what are those?

Plants that Attract Pests and Rodents the Most

Greenery is great, both indoors and out, so while just simply avoiding most plants all together can help you keep pests and rodents away, that is not a realistic solution. There are some things you can do to try and prevent these critters and there are plants that attract pests and rodents the most that you can avoid.


When it comes to the outdoors, if you have a garden or other food sources for pests and rodents, you likely already know that you are sure to face an invasion of some sort. After all, food is one of the few very basic things pests and rodents need to survive and you are readily providing it to them. If you have a garden, try to keep it sealed and protected as much as possible to keep these pesky critters away. Also, be sure to keep it as far away from any of your household structures as possible, so you don’t extend an extra invitation in to these food loving creatures.

Any over grown shrubs, bushes, trees, or other vegetation on and around your home can also lead to a pest and rodent problem. Keep all greenery well-manicured and try to keep it from touching any structures, creating an entryway for these nuisances.


Not only can indoor plants brighten up and make a space feel fresh, they can also come with health benefits; thus, many people opt to have them. Just like outside, there are plants that attract pests and rodents more than others. Insects are attracted to plants because they offer shelter and a place for bugs to hide from predators and other threats. Pests are also attracted to plants because they are easy food sources and usually have the moisture they are seeking.

While there are some plants that are more appealing to pests and rodents, like sweet smelling or very odorous ones or larger overgrown ones, insects and other pests really don’t care what the plant is, if it is giving them what they need: food, water, and shelter. Indoor plants are filled with moisture that other areas of your home may lack and usually provide these pests with the nutrients they need to survive.

If you have indoor plants, try to keep them trimmed, so you can easily spot a pest if it makes its way to it. Also, limit how much water you leave sitting around in the pot. Only water the plant as much as it can absorb in a short time frame.

Pest and Rodent Prevention

It’s true, some plants attract pests and rodents more than others; however, it really doesn’t matter what the plant is or where it is, if it is giving these critters what they need to survive. The best way to keep pests and rodents out and away from your home this summer and beyond is with regular pest control.

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